Terms and Conditions

When you place an Order, that means you accept all the terms and conditions listed and explained here. If you do not accept any of the terms and conditions written below, please refrain from making use of our website.

By actually using any of our Services, or placing an Order, you effectively accept to have your entered Personal Information collected, kept, and/or processed by our Company in the ways described in our Terms and Conditions as well as in our Privacy Policy. It is important that you carefully read the terms and conditions because by making use of our Services your acceptance of all our listed terms is implied and holds true. Logically, if you refuse to accept, you cannot access our services or have a personal account with us. However, should you accept them, but wish to make any changes to your contact or mailing information, please contact our support team to assist you.

GDPR Compliance for EU Residents

In complying with the rules and provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018, our Company has listed the ways we process your supplied personal information. Please take your time to go through the details, so as to understand and familiarize yourself with them.

We expect that our website and services should be used by people who are of the required minimum age according to applicable legislation. When you place an Order, you expressly confirm that the terms are clear to you and you accept to be legally bound by all the rules or provisions contained therein.

Clarifying Some Important Words

The words "Customer," "You," or "Yours" refer to you (who is personally signing up for using any of our Services) or the person doing so on your behalf.

The word "Product" simply means the original piece of researched and written work that is done according to the requirements specified by you (the Buyer or Customer) or whoever does so on your behalf. The product can also be used for further research on its topic.

‘Order’ refers to a particular request made by You (the buyer or customer) or whoever does so on your behalf to have a piece of writing done for you, specifying the scope of work and other requirements you list therein.


Whenever You place an order by filling and submitting the order form, You effectively accept that Your purchase of our Product is for Your personal use only and You will not - by intent or action - sell it to another individual or company. Also, You must accept that the Products are prepared by freelance professionals who diligently work according to Your listed requirements and have also have transferred the Copyright of the Product to our Company. In essence, You are only allowed to use the Product for reference, or for further research when writing Your own work personally.


To make an inquiry or place your order with us, You will have to fill out a form on our website. In doing so, You will be required to enter some of Your personal details to submit Your Order successfully. Please be informed that we take great care in protecting Your personal data and will not transmit them to any other entity. To learn more about this issue, please read our Privacy Policy.

As Your Order progresses towards completion, You will receive notifications to your entered email address about milestones or completed steps leading up to the final work. You may also receive messages seeking clarification from you. The price You pay for the ordered Product depends on the complexity or scope of the work, Your stated completion or delivery time, and the expertise level You desire. Upon completing the payment for Your Order, the countdown timer starts running until your stated delivery time elapses.


You can find all the details concerning the rates, fees, or other charges we impose for our Services on our website. If You present an Order that does not fit into any existing price category for the Services we offer or modify your requirements beyond the original specifications, our Company holds the right to specify the price for such unique Order or added requirements. We expect all requirements to be listed at the start upon placing an Order. Delaying to do so could result in extra time for completing the placed Order.


Our Company strives diligently to ensure that our customers are safe from unauthorized activities on their accounts, or placement of false orders to us. In pursuit of this goal and given the digital nature of the work we do, we require customers to verify their identity to keep them safe and help us work only with real orders.

We hold the right to ask our customers to go through the process of verification which includes a phone confirmation and/or submission of any relevant identity document for verification. The submitted documents will be removed or deleted after successful verification. The Customer will not have to complete the verification process again unless any fraudulent or suspicious activity is observed in his account. In such a situation, the nature of the required verification may be different from the initial verification.

IMPORTANT: Refusing to go through the verification process within the required time period expressly means that your order will be canceled (not be accepted).


Upon completion of the Order with the final work ready, our Company will make the finished work available to the Customer and also send an email notification to that effect.

The Customer will be able to get a partial refund if the Order is not completed within the agreed delivery time. Please be aware that our Company cannot be held responsible for any technical issue beyond our control or any errors or delays on Your part that cause a delay in completing the Order.


As a customer with an active Order being worked on, You are at liberty to make a request for revision within the last 14 days before the agreed deadline for delivering the finished work. Such free revisions are done only within the context of the initially accepted requirements. Should you make a modification to the original requirements or add new ones that would necessitate the use of more pages, you will be required to make payment for them before Your desired changes are implemented.


We ensure that all the Products and Service we deliver to our Customers are original pieces of work. Our Company retains full ownership of the copyrights of all Products delivered to our Customers. The Products delivered to our Customers are to meant for personal use; they should not be used for any commercial purpose without our due consent. All completed works can be used for personal research by the Customer on the topic or subject area covered therein. Any unauthorized use of our Products for commercial purposes or in any manner not expressly permitted can incur civil or criminal penalties on the erring parties. We do not permit any unauthorized publication, distribution, or modification of any part of this website.


Our company provides a ‘Money back guarantee’ for all placed Orders according to our terms and conditions. All orders are subject to the provisions of our Cancellation and Refund Policy given in the 'Money Back Guarantee and Refunds' section of the website.

IMPORTANT: Our Company is not liable for the grades received by the Customer.


We strongly frown on plagiarism and diligently strive to ensure that all our Products are original pieces of well researched and written work prepared according to the given requirements of the Customer. In pursuing this aim, we expressly wish to inform you here that any work we determine to be plagiarized will be redone.

Please do note that according to the terms of our Service with You, Your name will not be included in the delivered work. The delivered material is to help you better research or understand the subject. We do not tolerate or encourage any form of academic dishonesty such as plagiarism. We firmly believe in upholding copyrights and intellectual property rights; accordingly, we encourage all parties to avoid any action that may infringe on existing copyrights.

Please, note again that You are expected to use the delivered Product as a sample for research purposes only. You can get insights on how to carry out your own work or project from the content.

Our Company cannot be held liable for any wrongful or unauthorized use of our Products delivered to our Customers. We do not take any responsibility for wrongful activities of our Customers such as plagiarism, or consequences thereof including - but not limited to - poor grades, academic probation, detention, suspension, expulsion, or loss of awarded grants or scholarships. The individual who orders the Product from our website is solely responsible for any punitive action meted out due to the improper or unethical use of our Product.

We work assiduously to ensure that delivered Products have no more than 10% of their content directly attributable to a third party source (excluding the reference and bibliography sections). Should you observe that number to be above 10%, albeit highly unlikely, you have the right to request for a revision or re-work to change it accordingly.


Our company guarantees that the final work delivered to You has no more than 10% of its content directly attributable to a third party (excluding references and direct quotations).

We also guarantee that all Your requirements will be carefully adhered to; all Your formatting requests (reference style, font style, text size, etc.) and other specifications will be exactly implemented. We also guarantee that You will receive a properly researched Product that will surely comply with the relevant standards and use of the English language.


To familiarize yourself with how we collect, process, use and protect our Customers` or Website Visitors` supplied personal information, please read the "Privacy Policy" section of our Website.

Finally, please be aware that by accepting to use our Website or Services, you also acknowledge and approve that we may periodically alter the above Terms and Conditions unilaterally. Hence, we recommend that You also periodically review these Terms and Conditions so as to stay informed of updates made to this section of our Website.