Money back Guarantee

Our writing service takes care of its customers, so we do our utmost to satisfy them fully. We understand how important it is for people to know their legal rights and choices offered by our company, this is the reason we wrote this article, that is our money-back guarantee. The acknowledgement of mutual obligations by customers and our team enables us to work with confidence, assisting you the best way possible.

Being supplied with premium-quality works despite tight deadlines, our customers are generally completely satisfied and don’t use this option. Revision option is also included in the list of the services we offer, which truly helps approach every case in a more flexible manner.

Money back guarantee means that a client can expect to get her or his money back in cases which are given down below. Please note that typically the particulars of your situation could affect whether you get a full refund or partial.

100% refund

  1. If you have placed two identical orders
    To cancel the order made accidentally contact our support as soon as possible. We would like to emphasize that you do not have a chance to receive the entire sum back in case we've already found a writer and started working on of your task; hence, it is better for you to place the order very attentively and doublecheck every little thing.
  2. When we have not selected a writer yet, but the order had been called off
    This situation is quite self-explanatory. Each client has the right to get a 100 % refund before the writer starts working on your task.
  3. If our service cannot find an appropriate professional
    Our company works only with specialists who possess an extensive expertise in various fields, but even for experienced workers, it's sometimes tough to cope with a heavy workload .
  4. In case you paid twice for one order
    Even though we attentively keep track of all the payments and orders, double-billing happens, but very rarely. Being billed twice for one order, don’t worry - inform us about it as fast as possible. Next, you need to show us the receipts copies and get your refund.

Partial refund

Sometimes you'll get a partial refund if your situation is the same as one of those defined down below:

  1. Late delivery
    Unfortunately, even working with all due responsibility, there are some unforeseen things. This type of a refund can be affected by various aspects. Therefore, we go over each particular matter on an individual basis. Sometimes, issues with the order timeliness might be the result of the customer's actions or their lack. For instance, a late upload of necessary materials might slow down the writer. For this reason, a refund isn't always available in case of an overshot deadline. Do not forget to send us all the essential materials promptly. It would make sure that your writer delivers an exceptional paper for you without any delays.
  2. The work on your task has been started, but you would like to cancel your order
    Considering the writer’s work, you can be refunded 70% of the total amount. Do not forget that cancelling your order past the halfway point to the due date allows you to get about 50% of the spent money.
  3. Discontentment with the outcome
    Allow us to investigate your comments regarding our work, and we'll do our best to take care of any issues. Your refund will be determined by our conclusions. Despite the fact that most often our clients’ needs are fulfilled, and they are happy with the papers written by our experts, we're ready to hear all the comments on our services to make them better.
  4. Plagiarism in your work?
    Having provided us with some proof showing that your work has some materials which have been already used elsewhere, you could count on receiving some part of your money back after our review.

No refund

  1. In case the mark is lower than you've anticipated
    We always endeavor to do our utmost, but we cannot guarantee the greatest mark since it quite often depends on your professor’s or teacher’s discretion.
  2. Polishing services like formatting, editing, proofreading
    Whenever you order services mentioned previously, we cannot change the content. Therefore. we don’t take any liability for claims associated with its content.

Money-back process

When you apply for a refund and your it is confirmed, you will receive your money back not later than five workdays after the verification itself. It's important for us to underscore that we don’t pertain to any issues that involve any other companies (banks and so on).

Also, we offer the money back option for the sum of more than 10 USD because otherwise it barely covers the transaction fees. If you wish to get a refund instantly, you are given an opportunity to put this sum on your account to use it for your future tasks.