We are happy to provide unique services. Our goal is the satisfaction of the customer, and this inspired us to create a business model, which allows being hundred percent sure: the papers we deliver are of excellent quality. We build our relations with clients on trust. That is why it is so important to us that you should feel secure when making payments for our services. We are certain, very few of our customers will ask for a refund. That's why we can afford to serve those who do properly.

Moreover, if you for some reason wish to cancel your order, you can do it at any moment, even if the writer has already begun working on your paper. You won’t have to wait long before your request is considered. Each one is taken care of within 24 hours. Here you can find a comprehensive list of cases in which you can file a refund claim.

My paper was not done on time

It is hardly possible if you work with our company. We do take deadlines seriously, and this is why late deliveries simply don’t happen. However, various circumstances may dance in, and we realize that even we may at some point fail to be on time. If this happens, you are welcome to contact our support team through any channel of communication that works best for you and inform them about your paper being late. Make sure you do it within 24 hours after the paper was due. In case your paper is late, but you would still like to use some of its parts or have it available for review, we won’t be able to provide you with a full refund. But you can count on a certain amount of money being paid back to you. In each particular case, we may be able to offer different conditions. Contact our support team for more details.

There are situations when a paper is submitted late because the customer has failed to provide instructions or any supporting documents in due time. We cannot hold our writers responsible for such cases. Still, in case you have faced such an issue, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll see what can be done.

I placed two orders, but I only need one

That's a common reason for a refund. In some cases, our customers would mistakenly place two orders and then realize that only one is required. Don’t take too long with calling our support representatives. We’ll help you cancel the unwanted order. If you got lost and simply are not sure, how many orders you have paid for, we are also there for you to provide necessary clarifications.

I paid for one order several times

Due to various errors on the side of the bank or due to the client’s mistake some of the orders are paid for twice and even several times. If that’s your case, it is a definite reason for a refund. Contact our support team immediately, and we’ll do everything to return your unintentionally spent money. In case you file such a claim, do not forget to back it up with screenshots or any other documents, which display double or multiple transactions. This will allow us to process your request faster and more effectively.

I am not entirely satisfied with the quality of the paper

In case your paper has not been completed yet, and you would like to cancel it for any of the reasons you may have, feel free to contact your customer support team, and they will get back to you within two hours after such a request is received. They will check the reason behind your request and how it is best for you to receive your refund.

In case you are disappointed with the quality of your paper, it is a sporadic case for our company. But this only means that we will take your complaint very seriously. Do not forget that you should make your claim no later than 3 days after the due deadline for your paper. We will then revise your paper for free. Do not forget to state which precisely instructions were not followed. If the paper does not fully meet the guidelines, the revision is offered within two weeks after the original deadline of the paper. After you receive your revised paper, you have three more days to contact us with any further complaints. Make sure you support your claim with any relevant evidence, explain what parts of the instructions were not followed and what precisely you would like to have improved. Remember: if we don’t hear from you within three days after the paper’s deadline, the paper is automatically considered to be completed. No further claims are accepted.

You also need to remember that in case your paper is refunded, we hold the authorship of such a paper and have got the right to post it or offer it for sale to third parties. Do not try to submit a paper you received a refund for, because any anti-plagiarism software will detect it as plagiarized.

No writer was found to work on my order

We do our best to have highly qualified writers work on your papers. But sometimes we face a situation when there is no professional writer available to work on a certain order. This may be due to a very specific topic, or due to an examination season at colleges and universities. The best strategy to avoid such situations is placing your orders in advance. But may such a situation occur, we will keep you informed. You will know in real time whether or not a writer has been assigned to work on your project. In case there are no writers available, and you wish to receive a refund, we will offer one to you. If one of our writers completed your paper but then you requested it to be revised by another writer, and we failed to find one, you need to contact our support team, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an offer of reasonable compensation.